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    Welcome to FantaBella.

    Managed IT Services, Web Development, Web Design, Web Hosting, Cloud Data Services, IT Procurement, Helpdesk Support, Graphics Design, Branding, Telemarketing, Social Media Management, Corporate Communications ~ You are here.
    (...yeah right it's a small world!)

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    Why choose us


    Everything we touch has a clear plan behind it. Our hard-work anchors purely on your goals.


    When we give, we give it our best. Don't take our word for it, judge by our service charter.


    Forget the stereotypes of experts, we view the world from outer beauty first, then inner.


    Goes without saying, love rules the world - and so does it rule every grain of effort we put in.

    As a bonus, we will tell you what inspires our creative work...

    We have real trouble choosing between these Fanta® brands, making beautiful web systems is NOT one of them. It's a perfection, mastered.

    A peek at what we do

    Managed IT Services

    Customized assistance with roles, special projects or tasks to meet your particular needs and minimize IT-operation interruptions.

    Web Development

    Effective & user friendly web systems to expand audience reach, address needs or streamline your business process.

    Web Design

    Cross-compatible and responsive concepts, as well as UI and UX designs for websites and web systems alike.

    Web Hosting

    Server support, installation, migration, monitoring, maintenance and publishing of web resources.

    Cloud Data Services

    Peer data sharing, cloud data storage and retrieval, data backups, data security, data handling techniques and safe data recovery.

    IT Procurement

    Tender qualification assessment, 3rd party & vendor management, reliable procurement quality control and outsourcing.

    Helpdesk Support

    18/5-hire customer support, virtual rapid response, remote user assistance, virtual assistance, troubleshooting & ticketing.

    Graphics Design

    Logo design, banner design, poster design, call-to-action design, icon design and illustration graphics.


    New brand identity, existing brand enhancement, brand diversification, brand & social media positioning, and brand targeting.


    Inbound calls (ONLY) for customer value added services, product/ service promotions, repeat sales marketing.

    Social Media Management

    Consistent social media posting (incl. design), handling enquiries, curating content and promiting page growth.

    Corporate Communications

    Proper communication strategies, crisis management, writing official press statements and internal/ external relations.

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